The avant-garde and notoriously difficult to pin down tokyo label Comme des Garçons launched a hyped collaboration with H&M this past week. I had initially been excited about it a few weeks ago from the promo shots, but kind of forgot about it after I found out that the line wouldn’t be launching in Boston–it’s only available in a handful of US cities. From what I’ve heard, their clothes are all extremely well constructed. Some of the pieces are a little bit out there, but it’s a collection that reliably serves as a bellwether for other designers.

Apparently the launch was crazy, and I probably wouldn’t have been hardcore enough to get my hands on any of the collection anyways–people lined up over 15 hours in advance in some cities, and pieces were gone from the floor within 20 minutes. There are news reports of women being vicious to other women, and H&M even limited customers to 2 items each.  Here were some of my faves from the H&M line:


quintessential wool trenchcoat, only $199


i’m not sure I could pull off these drop-crotch pants, but they seem fun to try..


i LOVE this skirt–it’s an edgier version of the type of skirts i already wear, and would easily incorporate into my wardrobe.

and for men, how adorable is this?


curtis, you read my blog right? 😀

full collection here