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what we don’t have. It’s a new semester.

We talked about  Herceptin ‘s mechanism of action today in my Molecular + Engineering Aspects of Biotechnology class today (great course by the way–I love classes that meet around conference tables). It made me so sad that I won’t be working at Genentech again this summer. It is such a lovely place to be–sunny, quirky, and hugging the ocean– a place where the employees swell with pride about what they do and the products they contribute to (I think I cried both times at summer orientation when they showed the video of the cancer patient talking about how Avastin changed her life).

It is crunch time right now for on campus recruiting. I tell all these firms in my interviews that I am looking for something outside of industry experience, that placing myself in a pool of type A sleep deprived professionals will challenge me to perform at my best. Compared to the tough worlds of finance, consulting, or law, Genentech is like a happy little pasture. My safe place 🙂 I hope I’ll be back someday.

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