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I tried on this jacket at Urban Outfitters in early December while Christmas shopping, and LOVED it–gold button detail, warm and winter appropriate 80% wool, blair waldorf feel.

ruffle1 ruffle2

At $138 and on a trip to Christmas shop for others, I decided to pass. However, I kept tabs on the jacket online through the website. In Mid-January, the jacket went on sale for $69.99. I almost bought it then, but decided to wait because the online inventory tracker showed that all sizes in all colors were still in stock..

I checked back today, and was able to snag one in the exact size and color (indigo) that I tried on in December for just under $44, shipped! I feel lucky to have done so, because some of the sizes and colors are already out of stock.

In light of my previous budget concerns, I have discovered that it IS possible to still shop and maintain a wardrobe while reducing overall spending.  In fact, finding a great bargain brings extra zest to my usual post-shopping high.

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