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found on the fridge of the 6th floor BE lounge– in every field there are coping mechanisms, but rarely do they exude such an eloquent sense of despair.

your experiments don’t always work out, so sometimes threatening helps.

(been there..)

This is why I love sciencey people!


Take a writing class at some point that focuses on writing about yourself, a class that helps you develop a personal voice.  Despite all of our HASS-Ds and CI-Hs and CI-Ms, most people’s journeys through MIT completely avoid this kind of writing, yet it is one of the most important and rewarding types of written work that we can produce (or am I just too addicted to the “My Turn” and “Modern Love” columns in Newsweek and the NYT?).  At the very least, your future scholarship apps / grad school apps / self-published memoir will thank you.

Potential classes at MIT:
21W.731 Writing and Experience

21W.740 Writing Autobiography and Biography

My ability in this arena has completely withered away over the past four years, and my thoughts feel terribly lost because of it.

“The Ringling Bros Elephant Parade will begin tonight between 6:30 and 7:00 pm starting at the train stop at Mass Ave and Vassar and continuing down Mass Ave toward Memorial, turning left on Memorial, then continue on Land Blvd and ending at the TD Banknorth Garden.”







I participated in MIT’s aditl project (capture a typical day in photographs) yesterday. I thought I might wake up early to get some nice sunrise-over-the-charles shots from my window.

What actually happened was that I woke up 30 minutes late for my 11:30AM class and decided not to go. You can’t get more realistic than that.

A few shots:


what i see in the morning. bleary eyed, in bed, 5 minutes longer.


out the door


kinda gloom


i run into jason on my way to stata, who kindly provides me with the notes i missed from that morning class


lunch date with cecily @ sebastians!


there is so. much. construction. on campus


chaplin, film class


grabbing a book from hayden






planning meeting for senior toast


a lonely berry


on my way to pm recitation

Sometimes, I really do love it here and never want to leave (this place, or this stage?).

Update: And, it’s down.

So Victoria’s Secret launched their PINK collegiate line a few months ago featuring a handful of US universities, and are now using online votes to determine which school will be added next. Unfortunately for them, they decided to allow an unlimited number of votes per person per day…so around an hour and half ago, word spread through a flurry of emails sent out to the MIT dorm and sorority mailing lists. It wasn’t long before someone came up with a simple javascript that you can keep open that will vote twice every second for you. Most people now have it open on multiple browser tabs, meaning that thousands of votes are getting cast per minute! When the emails started, MIT was in 367th place, and now…

(note how the top few schools, all of whom have an unreasonable number of votes, are all techy places)  According to various calculations, our votes are increasing at the fastest rate and should overtake Drexel within a few hours, if VS’s servers don’t crash :). Hopefully I will be able to show my school pride by buying $24.50 underwear soon!