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found on the fridge of the 6th floor BE lounge– in every field there are coping mechanisms, but rarely do they exude such an eloquent sense of despair.

your experiments don’t always work out, so sometimes threatening helps.

(been there..)

This is why I love sciencey people!

oxford comma – vampire weekend
relax, take it easy – mika
knock knock – lenka*
bittersweet poetry – kanye west ft. john mayer
sky – joshua radin ft. ingrid michaelson
raindrops – regina spektor
stolen – dashboard confessional
ocean wide – the afters
ghost in your mind – black lab
wait for the world’s greatest – norwegian recycling
don’t trust me – 3oh!3
you don’t know me – ben folds ft. regina spektor
stars and boulevards – augustana
clarinet concerto in A major – mozart ( my college audition piece! ha.)
andante, piano concerto 21 – mozart
chasing cars (cover) – natasha bedingfield
nothing lasts forever – maroon 5
coppertone – the academy is
fake tales of san francisco – arctic monkeys

It’s so beautiful today…I want to hug the world.

* god, I’ve listened to this song like 80 times this week. My hall is probably really annoyed.

3 trips to the apple store and 3 hours of line labor later…

welcome to the world!

the nice salesperson, bemused by my bouncy excitement

I do feel a little bit sad for my old phone, which has worked fabulously for 2+ years and remained beautiful and swivelly. It includes some features that the mighty iphone doesn’t offer (your own mp3 ringtones, fm radio, camera w/ zoom, video recording, to name a few…). Three years ago, I wanted this phone just as much as I currently want the iPhone. Happy retirement.

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