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retro chocolate plate for two

retro chocolate plate for two

BF is out of town this weekend for a ski trip with his friends, so we celebrated Vday (CC Soiree-style) last night at Finale.  BF was underwhelmed with the quality of their entrees, but I almost preferred the subpar main-dishes because it left more room for their ridiculous desserts :). I’ve been lucky to have nice Valentine’s Days for the past few years.  Last year, we went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Boston Ballet.  We both fell asleep during the second act.

One of my friends is upset because her BF is scaling back Vday celebrations this year due to the economy.  I can understand her feelings, but Valentine’s Day is definitely not a holiday that I place a lot of emphasis on.  Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas all rank higher in my book of important dates for couples to acknowledge, in that order.  As long as my Sig. Other makes some sort of gesture and we have a good time together, I don’t have crazy expectations. Although in the future (ie: when we both have jobs), it would be fun to do mini-trips together–I’ve always had this lovely fantasy of a spontaneous Valentine’s Day in Paris or Loire Valley.

What is your scale of importance in terms holidays for your +1 to acknowledge?

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