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Once every few days, the power here snuffs out, usually briefly. It’s happened a few times while we’re teaching, which can be annoying, and last night it happened in a crowded local eatery / world cup watching venue, as we were waiting for the USA-Ghana game to start.



To cope, the staff lit candles in the open-air restaurant. Besides that and the full moon, there was absolute darkness all around, and parties yelling wildly to each other just moments ago suddenly spoke in hushed tones.

This was all fairly distressing to the die-hard game watchers, but I thought it created a wonderful-surreal-ambiance  (kind of reminiscent of Blue Bayou in Disneyland, which I sadly still have never called early enough to get reservations for) that was far lovelier than what it had been before.

I want to start a chain of “power-free” restaurants and cafes in the states — it would be beautiful, nostalgic, and fit with the eco-bug that’s been going around.

We made llama mini-burgers for CC Winter Cotillion (potluck edition):

Llama patties freshly sourced from Savenor’s

Speedy: < 10 minutes to cook on a stove-top

Optional: Garnish with a flourish of fluff! (materials: pipe cleaners, pom poms, cotton balls)

Our llama stable waiting patiently for their turns


I confirm that llamas are as tasty as they are cute.

ps – an innovative way to make circular cheese 🙂


ugly coffee dome…discounted with the purchase of coffee!


(no nasties!)

mornings can be so full of small delights..

is cookie dough.

I’ve been sick with a cold for the past week, and the symptoms started right after I had cookie dough for dinner twice in a row. Now that my throat is finally starting to feel better, I couldn’t help it and just had 3 giant spoonfuls (at 150 calories per spoonful). Some people just like to sneeze at their mistakes, and then make them again.

It was BF’s birthday yesterday (we’re finally the same age again, sweetie!), and we went to Fugakyu for dinner to celebrate. It was in a cute area of Boston that I’ve never been to before, so it was kind of nice to explore a new part of the city. The restaurant was also terrific–I had always thought Japanese food in Boston was kind of weak (compared to SF, at least), but this place blew my expectations! The ambiance, service, food, and presentation were all very lovely. There was a really cool sushi conveyor belt in the bar area, and the Misoyaki was surprisingly flavorful for a fish fillet. You also don’t feel out of place coming dressed up or down, and it seems like lots of professionals stop by for dinner after work. I would go again!

misoyaki , my fugakyu noodle special,

sushi rolls, & cupcakes from Sweet! (another place I had been dying to try!)

happy birthday 🙂

I went up to Berkeley last night with some interns in my group for the best pizza on earth at Zachary’s. My introduction to the glory of Zachary’s was 2 years ago over Berkeley Regent’s weekend, which I have to admit is a pretty smart way to woo students to your school. Since then, I’ve had a lot of good deep dish in Boston (Sicilia’s, Uno’s..), and even started to doubt Zachary’s top pizza status, but I’m sold again. We got two large pizzas–half chicken and pineapple, half Zachary’s special, half spinach & pesto, half romaine. It really is incomparable.

mm..nothing like pizza and a glass of chianti. My first slice was so deeeelish, it was almost ethereal (must have been the wine buzz!). I just ate in a daze, thinking that this has got to be the choice for my last meal on earth (one of those survey questions that I’ve never been able to decide on before!). The second and third slices did not go down as lovely, but somehow I just had to have them… yumm.

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