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ifc at dusk

No tripod. Which becomes immediately apparent if you zoom in…

Back from Hong Kong–I have a lot of pictures to get through (though, still not as many as I would have liked from this summer).


ugly coffee dome…discounted with the purchase of coffee!


(no nasties!)

mornings can be so full of small delights..


marble floors

wealth, in bad taste

international brands, shopping, endless mountains of consumerism, connected by..

labyrinth-like pedestrian tunnels + walkways, assuring navigation from one shopping district to the next without ever having to go outside..

skyscrapers in unwieldy shapes

lights, lights, lights!


So! After two lovely and largely relaxing weeks at home in CA, I’m heading to HK tomorrow to join the ranks of a venerable capitalist institution known for its monolithic skyscrapers, 3inch stilettos, long slavelike hours, and making grown men cry.

Seeing as how HK is possibly the epicenter of h1n2 hysteria, sars masks are a needed accessory, and there’s no reason why accessories shouldn’t be fashionable.



Hm. How could one make this look more business cas. or office appropriate?

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