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Narciso Rodriguez has gotten a lot of attention recently from being the designer behind Michelle Obama’s much talked about lava dress on election night. I thought the dress was a bold, fashion forward choice for Michelle, but I personally did not love the design (too bondage?)–though the altered version that she actually wore was an improvement on the runway style.


Some of the Narciso Rodriguez pieces at the Gilt Groupe sale yesterday were much more impressive! These are some of my favorites (though admittedly, they would not work as well for Michelle) :


I like how the pieces manage to be both flowy and structured at the same time– very feminine, but with clean silhouettes that bring ruffles out of the Victorian era and into modern relevance (how perfect is the silk chiffon as a LBD with a twist?). The prices, even on sale, are just north of the realm of affordability for most college students (though not for many others out there apparently, as some of the stuff was gone within minutes).  This is definitely a designer that I will keep an eye on.