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I started following fashion weeks in 2006, and his fall 2006 RTW is still one of the most incredible collections I’ve ever seen (it also made me temporarily crazy about schoolgirl plaid).

(photos from

Dear creative people of the world,
please stay alive.

So! After two lovely and largely relaxing weeks at home in CA, I’m heading to HK tomorrow to join the ranks of a venerable capitalist institution known for its monolithic skyscrapers, 3inch stilettos, long slavelike hours, and making grown men cry.

Seeing as how HK is possibly the epicenter of h1n2 hysteria, sars masks are a needed accessory, and there’s no reason why accessories shouldn’t be fashionable.



Hm. How could one make this look more business cas. or office appropriate?

Narciso Rodriguez has gotten a lot of attention recently from being the designer behind Michelle Obama’s much talked about lava dress on election night. I thought the dress was a bold, fashion forward choice for Michelle, but I personally did not love the design (too bondage?)–though the altered version that she actually wore was an improvement on the runway style.


Some of the Narciso Rodriguez pieces at the Gilt Groupe sale yesterday were much more impressive! These are some of my favorites (though admittedly, they would not work as well for Michelle) :


I like how the pieces manage to be both flowy and structured at the same time– very feminine, but with clean silhouettes that bring ruffles out of the Victorian era and into modern relevance (how perfect is the silk chiffon as a LBD with a twist?). The prices, even on sale, are just north of the realm of affordability for most college students (though not for many others out there apparently, as some of the stuff was gone within minutes).  This is definitely a designer that I will keep an eye on.

between these two skirts?

skirt2 skirt1

I hope so, because one of them was $120 more than the other one. ergh. I think you can tell better in person!

I am such a sucker for springy organza.

One good thing about being in Boston the past few (okay, only two) winters is that it has cultivated my obsession with coats. I love oversized bow details, and have been hunting for something that incorporates the look.


J. Crew Serge Day Coat

This is so adorable–unfortunately they are sold out of small sizes online, and I’ve heard that the coat runs big. 😦


3.1 Phillip Lim Bow Coat

Sold out everywhere, and I am still about a decade away from being able to afford this.


Red Bow Neck Coat by Dorothy Perkins

I love the color pop, and very reasonably priced at 75 pounds. Again, sold out everywhere. Argh.

My outerwear in high school was literally just hoodies and zip ups. Senior year, I wanted this furry Abercrombie concoction so badly in cream that my parents drove to four bay area malls during the peak of holiday shopping hysteria:


(it’s still hanging in my closet right now. Maybe I can take it back for a return?)


The avant-garde and notoriously difficult to pin down tokyo label Comme des Garçons launched a hyped collaboration with H&M this past week. I had initially been excited about it a few weeks ago from the promo shots, but kind of forgot about it after I found out that the line wouldn’t be launching in Boston–it’s only available in a handful of US cities. From what I’ve heard, their clothes are all extremely well constructed. Some of the pieces are a little bit out there, but it’s a collection that reliably serves as a bellwether for other designers.

Apparently the launch was crazy, and I probably wouldn’t have been hardcore enough to get my hands on any of the collection anyways–people lined up over 15 hours in advance in some cities, and pieces were gone from the floor within 20 minutes. There are news reports of women being vicious to other women, and H&M even limited customers to 2 items each.  Here were some of my faves from the H&M line:


quintessential wool trenchcoat, only $199


i’m not sure I could pull off these drop-crotch pants, but they seem fun to try..


i LOVE this skirt–it’s an edgier version of the type of skirts i already wear, and would easily incorporate into my wardrobe.

and for men, how adorable is this?


curtis, you read my blog right? 😀

full collection here

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