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Update: And, it’s down.

So Victoria’s Secret launched their PINK collegiate line a few months ago featuring a handful of US universities, and are now using online votes to determine which school will be added next. Unfortunately for them, they decided to allow an unlimited number of votes per person per day…so around an hour and half ago, word spread through a flurry of emails sent out to the MIT dorm and sorority mailing lists. It wasn’t long before someone came up with a simple javascript that you can keep open that will vote twice every second for you. Most people now have it open on multiple browser tabs, meaning that thousands of votes are getting cast per minute! When the emails started, MIT was in 367th place, and now…

(note how the top few schools, all of whom have an unreasonable number of votes, are all techy places)  According to various calculations, our votes are increasing at the fastest rate and should overtake Drexel within a few hours, if VS’s servers don’t crash :). Hopefully I will be able to show my school pride by buying $24.50 underwear soon!

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