Once every few days, the power here snuffs out, usually briefly. It’s happened a few times while we’re teaching, which can be annoying, and last night it happened in a crowded local eatery / world cup watching venue, as we were waiting for the USA-Ghana game to start.



To cope, the staff lit candles in the open-air restaurant. Besides that and the full moon, there was absolute darkness all around, and parties yelling wildly to each other just moments ago suddenly spoke in hushed tones.

This was all fairly distressing to the die-hard game watchers, but I thought it created a wonderful-surreal-ambiance  (kind of reminiscent of Blue Bayou in Disneyland, which I sadly still have never called early enough to get reservations for) that was far lovelier than what it had been before.

I want to start a chain of “power-free” restaurants and cafes in the states — it would be beautiful, nostalgic, and fit with the eco-bug that’s been going around.