davek rainbow

After enduring three years in rainy New England of using and losing

1. cheap, coop umbrellas (freshman year, still in denial about the importance of having rain gear in Boston)

and then

2. flimsy, designer umbrellas (soph / beginning of junior year, in which i thought standing rain-drenched in howling wind was an acceptable trade-off for a marc jacobs handle)

and most recently resigning to

3. stray, found umbrellas (only to be lost again…     i swear, stata is just a frenzy of umbrella exchange)

I finally caved and entered 4. stylish, functional, a new umbrella-era with something from the much-touted davek ny .

Hopefully this also means that I have developed into someone who is less prone to leaving umbrellas around. (and if I do there’s a loss protection guarantee — though I’m not sure having to pay “only” $50 to replace an umbrella makes anyone feel great. )

Other umbrellas I loved and considered :


tibor kalman’s blue skies, for the moma store


grass, by tray 6

Both of these again fell into the wonderfully designed, but questionably constructed category.

The How I Met Your Mother fan in me really wanted a yellow umbrella,


but I made Monica proud and went for a more subdued hue.

To all my past umbrellas out there, I hope you have gone on to good homes in less dreary climates.