Watching the Chris Brown / Rihanna story develop is a good reminder for all girls in relationships to evaluate whether or not they are allowing their values and boundaries to be compromised by the loveydoveyness of love. I’ve never been one to have hard and fast rules about “types” of guys I’m interested in–there are lots of preferences floating in a murky soup in my mind, and I like boys who are interesting mixes of these preferred traits.  However, I have come to maintain certain “flags” or warnings that are absolute no-nos in a budding (or established) relationship.

absolute dealbreakers
– cheating
– domestic violence
– crimes punishable by life in prison / death penalty

near dealbreakers
– lack of intelligence / ambition
– other serious criminal activities
– addictions
– disrespect to myself or my family
– infertility?? / genetic incompatibility
– fobbyness (let’s just be friends!)
– poor self esteem there anything I’m missing?