I’m tired of taking crappy pictures with my little canon powershot, and am ready to make the switch up to a DSLR. I’ve hesitated in going the SLR route in the past because I wasn’t ready to give up the compact form factor and portability of a point and click, but the past few months of browsing wedding photography blogs (don’t ask) and going through my old high school photos have made me realize how much lovelier all of my memories could look. Much to the distress of certain friends, I haven’t posted albums on facebook since August because I’m just sick of the generic-ness and poorly thought out composition of all the pictures.

Cost aside, the main thing preventing me from amazon-priming a DSLR right now is the high amount of time and research such a decision should involve–I really want to know what I’m doing before I decide which camera to buy, which lenses to order, etc. I also really want to have the time to play around and learn how to use it + all the editing software so I can maximize the camera’s features and fully dive into photography as a hobby. I just don’t have that kind of time right now, and the scary thing is that I can’t really anticipate a time in the future when I will have the time.