I’m still completely hosed, but thought I would take the time to briefly update about the new macbooks + macbook pros that were announced yesterday. They look great, and the new macbooks are definitely a step up from the old plastic ones. I haven’t decided whether or not I prefer the new style to the old macbook pro’s look though–I’m going to have to pop into an Apple store and play with them in person. In terms of performance, I don’t think the improvements will be as huge as when Intel’s Nehalem processors come out. I just got my macbook pro last year, so definitely I’m not in the market for a new laptop…but I wonder what crazy stuff will be on the market when I decide to upgrade. I’ve actually been so happy with my laptop so far that I can’t imagine when I’ll need a new one– I don’t feel it getting progessively slower and boggier at all, like I did when I had a Dell.

I do think it’s sad that they are no longer offering a matte screen option–this just seems like a terrible idea to me, and I don’t even design for a living. It’s also sneaky how they lowered their cheapest macbook offering down to $999, but it’s for a model that still looks like the old, phased out ones. If you want to get the redesigned macbook, you’ll have to pay at least $1299, which is $200 more than their old entry price point–and I can’t imagine anyone passing up the redesign if they can afford it. Good one, Apple 🙂

They’ll be on campus tomorrow! Time for me to grovel for a non-technical internship amongst the sea of course sixers..