Cirque du Soleil: Kooza is in Boston right now! If you haven’t seen a Cirque show before, I highly recommend it–any one of their shows will be one of the most gorgeous musical and visual performances that you’ll ever experience–I literally switch back and forth between gasping in awe and dying from pure hilarity for the entire 3 hours.

I went with class council tonight to Kooza, and WOW. I’ve seen Alegria in San Francisco and Zumanity in Vegas before so I came in ready to be impressed, but not necessarily expecting anything new. I was blown away–the tone of this production was completely different (Alegria was darker, moodier; Zumanity more..primal, sensual), very whimsical and dream-like. The acts were beautifully choreographed with AMAZING costumes, as always, but again went in a completely different direction from their stuff I’ve seen in the past so that everything was still very surprising and new–especially the crazy wheel of death segment. Steven was sitting next to me, and he was just flat out freaking out during the entire show (along with our whole row, basically)–I’ve never seen him be so animated before, haha.

I think that I can also appreciate something like Cirque in my current state of mind more than I have in the past, because I’m in an environment that is so deprived of emphasis on aesthetics and story and physicality at school. My mind kind of went into overdrive trying to sap it all up, and I couldn’t help (wistfully) thinking  throughout the show how different the lives of these performers are from my own; how exhilarating it must be to be part of and excel at something so special; to travel throughout the world and create a beautiful, sophisticated experience that is capable of reaching an audience’s core sense of fear and awe night after night. That is their lives.

Maybe I’m over-glamorizing, and definitely overlooking the thousands of hours of training and tears it must have taken for their bodies to bend and balance in such fantastical ways. And sure, too many people in this country love art and not enough are studying math and science. Yet.. somehow it just seems kind of lame to snap back into my weekend of 6.041 review after witnessing something so exquisite.

I think the sour look on jason’s face is post-traumatic shock from paying for the $6.50 soda he’s holding…even artful, visionary enterprises are capitalists at heart :).