Happy birthday to my sister–she’s six today!

I’ve been telling myself to write an entry about Camp Kesem for almost a month now, but it still has not happened yet. Part of this is because I have so many things that I want to say about it, and I’ve just been too tired since school started to sit down and write something thoughtful. This week is also career fair, which means I am trying to get my act together for the companies that I would like to meet with, and also dealing with finishing touches for Career Fair Banquet Thursday night, which Yun and I have been planning since Spring. Because of the banquet, I get lots of neat info about what kinds of industries MIT students are most interested in.

Here is a graph of which industries were most popular amongst students who registered in the days before the Lehman / Merrill Lynch debacle went down:

Here’s a the same info from students who registered yesterday and today:

Coincidence? (ps- Why no love for law?)

Last year around this time, I remember getting a deluge of emails from all the big banks about various recruiting events. This year, there hasn’t been a single email (no real surprise), even from the banks that are still alive. Consulting firms seem to be getting their time in the limelight.

Here are also some pictures of my room, which is probably only of real interest to my parents.

Welcome to Green Hall. It is seriously nice being so close to campus.