It was BF’s birthday yesterday (we’re finally the same age again, sweetie!), and we went to Fugakyu for dinner to celebrate. It was in a cute area of Boston that I’ve never been to before, so it was kind of nice to explore a new part of the city. The restaurant was also terrific–I had always thought Japanese food in Boston was kind of weak (compared to SF, at least), but this place blew my expectations! The ambiance, service, food, and presentation were all very lovely. There was a really cool sushi conveyor belt in the bar area, and the Misoyaki was surprisingly flavorful for a fish fillet. You also don’t feel out of place coming dressed up or down, and it seems like lots of professionals stop by for dinner after work. I would go again!

misoyaki , my fugakyu noodle special,

sushi rolls, & cupcakes from Sweet! (another place I had been dying to try!)

happy birthday 🙂