In my most remarkable feat of engineering all summer, I made a pillow! As background, a lot of my friends from high school are involved with the crazy sorority scenes in California universities. Apparently, these girls regularly make hundreds of dollars worth of cute personalized crafts / gifts for their bigs and littles every year, and pillows are among the most basic of these crafts! When I saw some of this stuff, I was amazed and a little sad that I wasn’t getting any of these..DIY skills. But man, it’s not easy! I can see why people at our school usually just end up ordering everything online.

Scaling: this step involved numbers and rulers and protractors .. oh man. (Alice is trying to make a basketball on the right)

Sewing: Not bad, for a first time sewer like myself! The machine was very finnicky though, and kept malfunctioning.

Tada! This took me $18.37 (although I have a ton of materials left over..) and 5 hours of manlabor (or, 1 fun bonding afternoon with friends =D) to make. In comparison, I could have bought the following on for $15.99 + shipping.

What do you think?